Bhutan Fabric and Textiles

All Fabrics and textiles that are authentic to Bhutan are Hand Woven. It’s a thriving cottage industry 100% supported by the Royal Government of Bhutan so that we never lose touch with what we have had in the past.

There are naturally dyed and chemically(synthetically) dyed fabrics produced in Bhutan but we at Bhutan A Traders only deal with NATURALLY DYED textiles hand woven in Bhutan because of the following reasons:

  1. Natural Dyes are soft on the skin and not harmful like the synthetic dyes
  2. Natural Dyes can last centuries unlike synthetic dyes that will start wearing off very soon
  3. Naturally dyed textiles over time and with use, can turn more pleasant with the color softening up when in contact with sunlight.
  4. Naturally dyed textiles color could be similar but never so exact like the synthetic dyes thus one could be wearing something unique and exclusive color.
  5. And there could be no better combination than Naturally Dyed Textile Hand woven to make it more exclusive.

Presently we are exporting BIG Size and Small Size Stoles that can be adorned with a Dress, shirt, or used as a Scarf.