VEGETARIAN Incense for Purification and Healing of the Mind and Body
The Specialty of this Incense is that the ingredients are manually kneaded using the SACRED Spring
water from the Kurjey Drupchu, in Bumthang,Bhutan. KURJEY is the temple where Guru Rinpoche (Guru
Padmasambhava) subdued evil deities and meditated in a cave, leaving his body imprint which is
preserved till date. Behind the temple there is a Cypress tree which is believed to have grown out from
the walking stick of Guru Rinpoche. Above KURJEY Lhakhang is the KURJEY Drup-Chu (Sacred water)
which has Healing powers and visitors to this Drup-Chu take back this sacred water for family and

A VEGETARIAN Bhutanese Incense, handmade with locally available ingredients together with Clove,
Cinnamon, Juniper Powder, white sandalwood powder and the sacred water (Drup-chu)

Incense Properties: Each Roll contains a minimum of Thick 18 to 19 Sticks. LENGTH : 8.5 Inches

CAUTION: Use with care in safe environment and keep away from the reach of small children

NOTE : All the Incense Sticks may not be 100% same color since the Incense is handmade from Natural
Ingredients and there could be some color change due to level of moisture in the air at the time of
natural drying process.

This Incense is very popular with VEGANs. It is NON TOXIC and ALL Natural