About Us

Bhutan A Traders is one of the earliest trading company in Bhutan. Through the decades of trading, our activities have metamorphosed a few times to handle products in line with changing times, where we have made a conscious decision to work ethically to provide products that take into account the protection of our natural environment, sustainable development, and direct benefit to the grass roots producers and growers.


In the early 1980’s Bhutan had abundance of timber. Timber used to be one of the main export product from the Kingdom of Bhutan and we were at one point of time, the Only exporter of timber from Bhutan.

Then with growing education and more knowledge, came the understanding and responsibility of preserving our natural environment and going for a sustainable development. Simultaneously, the Royal Government of Bhutan focused on the development of agricultural products and started issuing the trading license.

After proper licensing system, our license name was Sherpa Tshering Fruits Exports, and we exported Apples and Oranges from Bhutan.

In late 1990’s the license legal name was changed to “Sherpa Tshering Exports” as more products (apart from just fruits) was being exported, and these were natural minerals mined in Bhutan,namely, Quartzite, dolomite and lime stone.

In mid-2003 after my father (the Pioneer and Promoter of the Export Business died), the license name was changed to “Bhutan Sherpa Exports” and business continued with the same passion and ethics. We exported fruits, and organically grown packaged tea, incense sticks and powder, Bhutan made statues and hand woven textiles to name a few.

Once again in early 2017, the license name got changed to “Bhutan A Traders”.

Bhutan A Traders” does not  export timber any more due to environment concerns and now concentrates on trading and mainly exporting Genuine Bhutan Made Products , Foods like (Bhutanese red rice, green tea, dry chilies, mountain water weeds, safflower organic tea, etc), hand woven textiles, crafts and religious items like incense, scrolls ( Thankas ), statues and many more products, with the main focus being that whatever we export from Bhutan, we Guarantee that it is 100% Made in Bhutan.

Products are Non Toxic and 100% Organic

In brief, we deal only with Bhutanese genuine Products- Made In BHUTAN, mostly home produced which helps the under privileged people of Bhutan to stabilize their livelihood with a consistent,regular and dignified earning. Bhutan A Traders is a now a Brand on its own as we package most of our products and label them so that people know more about these products and its authenticity to Bhutan. With our Brand Name and LOGO,we hope to assure the Buyers of the products originality to Bhutan.

Any Bhutanese product which carries the label of “Bhutan A Traders”, can be assured that this product is Genuinely Made in Bhutan.

Why Choose Our Products:

All Products are Made in Bhutan, authentic and unique only to Bhutan. Products are Hand crafted using the knowledge passed down of age old skills and meticulous works of art, which is why Bhutanese products are of the finest quality, RARE in material and design and very few in numbers.

Bhutan A Traders is a family owned business and we personally check and authenticate that the goods we deal in are 100% Bhutanese made. There are many replicas and look alike of the products produced in other countries BUT the taste of the foods and all the products that we deal in, are of the highest quality and best natural taste.

We are very sensitive about choosing the products we associate with so that we never tarnish the reliability that our fore fathers have earned. We want to be trusted for Good.

Thank You and Tashi Delek