Why Choose Us

In these changing times and competitiveness in every field, products have lost their Original look and taste. Businesses try and enhance every aspect of their produce just to beat their competitors in price and packaging. Along the way in this furious and ambitious race, we lose the actual feel and taste of what nature actually gave us.

Bhutan made products and especially we at Bhutan A Traders deal only with natural products grown or manufactured in Bhutan. There are many replicas and some may even claim to be made in Bhutan, but who would have the time and resources to cross check if the product is genuinely Bhutanese. This is where we come into the picture.We are a dedicated team of Bhutan A Traders and nothing passes us by without us personally scrutinizing the products leading up to verifying and authenticating the product source.

Our team works hard to keep the food product in its natural form for sale and for non-food products, we make sure that products are manufactured using only natural colors and there should not be too much alteration from the original produce.

Food Products we deal in are Honey, Turmeric, Chilies, Green Tea, Tengma-Flattened Maize(Corn Flakes), Zow (Roasted Red Rice of Bhutan), Walnut, Bhutanese Red Rice and many more in the pipeline as and when they have been verified of its purity and natural produce.

Non-Food Products: Naturally dyed Scarfs, Stoles and Shawls, Bhutanese Incense Sticks made from Natural Ingredients , Bhutanese Natural Ingredients Incense Sang/Finely chopped or in powder form.